Newsletter 08/2018

Satisfied Employees as a Success Factor

“If the employees are well, the company is well.” We are convinced that this statement is more than just an empty phrase. But who can say for sure how their own employees think or how satisfied they are?

We wanted to know more and have recently started an employee satisfaction survey. This survey has come out with very positive results, which has reassured our confidence while at the same time providing us with an incentive for further improvement.

Interjobs Success Factor

High Participation as an Indication of Interest
The higher participation, the better the informative value of a survey. We would like to thank our employees for their interest (more than a 54% response rate). Without their feedback, no weaknesses could be revealed and no dissatisfactions resolved.

Dialogue is therefore the basis of all improvements – hence our appeal to all employees, “Talk to us, because only together can we improve and develop.”

Interjobs high Participation

What Do Employees Value about Interjobs?
To start with the most positive: a 76% of the employees questioned would recommend Interjobs as an employer to a friend or an acquaintance. Other points such as good and fair pay, the fact that performance pays off and the proper consideration of the employees’ wishes have also been pointed out as positive.

We don’t consider flexibility to be a one-way street, it has to benefit both employer and employee.

What Do Employees Value about Interjobs

We are also glad about the fact that our trade’s reputation, which is not always the best, often has little to do with reality. Our employees particularly value their secure employment and the exciting tasks they are faced with. We want to say “Thank you” for your high regard!

People, above all, are what determines a work environment. This starts with the personnel support staff and ends with the executive management. We are proud to be associated with values such as respectful treatment, trustworthiness and handshake quality.