We understand our business.
And that of our customers.

Here at Interjobs, quality is of paramount importance, not only for us… but for our customers too. As a high-end service provider we support machinery and plant engineers throughout their entire process chain: from design and production through to assembly and assembly supervision; programming and commissioning to ongoing maintenance – around the globe.

For these tasks we supply the most suitable, highly-qualified specialists with many years of experience on international projects, many of which include management positions.

Interjobs’ professionals help companies to completely focus on their core competencies

We take care of seeking out and selecting personnel as well as all administrative tasks. This leaves our customers free to concentrate on their core business and to react swiftly to the needs of the market.

We strive to offer absolute professionalism and meet deadlines on every assignment. Good and efficient communication ensures that our customers are always fully up to speed regarding their project. Among our customers we have a high level of satisfaction, which is a testament to the success of our approach.

General Services

• Pre-assembly and Assembly
• Disassembly
• Inspection Services
• Transportation of Machinery and Constructions
• Maintenance
• Service Operation
• Additional Services

Areas of Specialty

• Stone and Earth Mining Industry
• Intralogistics
• Food & Beverage Production/Technology
• Medicinal Technology and the Pharmacological Industry
• Robotic Technology
• Automotive Technology
• Production of Aluminium
• Heavy Industry (i.e. Steel and Aluminium)
• Timber Industry
• Paper Industry