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Highest quality.
At all times.

Our specialists are exceptionally well qualified and can be promptly deployed – all around the globe.

Since 2003, Interjobs has been supplying personnel for the general machinery, special machinery and plant engineering sectors. Our specialist and management personnel are immediately available, remarkably well trained and extremely motivated. They have a high level of technical know-how which they keep up to date through on-going further training and have acquired experience on an exceptionally wide range of sites in Austria and around the globe. This means they can perform even the most difficult tasks reliably, efficiently and in a timely manner.

Supreme performance and trustworthiness

As a family company, Interjobs attaches great importance to reliability, integrity, personal service and trustworthiness – as embodied by our founder and managing director Bruno Steiner. We strive to uphold the very highest standards, especially with regard to workplace safety. We appreciate our employees and seek to delight our customers.

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Dynamic growth.
Right from the outset.

The satisfaction of our customers is reflected in the year-on-year growth in our employees and turnover.

In 2003 Bruno Steiner founded Interjobs GmbH & Co. KG, drawing on his wide-ranging experience in personnel leasing. Starting out with 17 employees, the company successfully specialised in the machinery and plant engineering sector.

In 2007 the administration team transferred to an office building in the centre of Schlüßlberg (Upper Austria).

In 2014 Interjobs opened another office in Niklasdorf (Styria).


Managing Director:


Bruno Steiner

T +43 7248 66843 11
M +43 664 2806387
E bruno.steiner@interjobs.at

Managing Director:


Christian Bruggraber

T +43 3842 8138540
M +43 664 9201317
E christian.bruggraber@interjobs.at

Head of Planning:

Wenzel-WalterWalter Wenzel

T +43 7248 66843 15
M +43 664 4409299
E walter.wenzel@interjobs.at

Assistant Planning:


Florian Maier

T +43 7248 66843 16
E florian.maier@interjobs.at

Customer and Personnel Support:

Führer-FranzFranz Führer

T +43 7248 66843 19
M +43 664 88430267
E franz.fuehrer@interjobs.at


Hochmayr-BernhardBernhard Hochmayr

T +43 7248 66843 16
M +43 664 5030044
E bernhard.hochmayr@interjobs.at



Heinz Forstinger
T +43 7248 66843 14
M +43 699 1966 4656
E heinz.forstinger@interjobs.at

Head of Payroll and Accounting:


Yvonne Pauzenberger

T +43 7248 66843 13
E yvonne.pauzenberger@interjobs.at



Barbara Brandstätter

T +43 7248 66843 18
E barbara.brandstaetter@interjobs.at

Manager location Niklasdorf:


Robert Kußmann

T +43 3842 8138542
M +43 664 88226797
E robert.kussmann@interjobs.at

Assistant location Niklasdorf:


Gabriele Meieregger

T +43 3842 8138541
E gabriele.meieregger@interjobs.at


Assured quality.
In black and white.

Independent institutions attest to the high quality standards at Interjobs

At Interjobs, quality is paramount. Customers and employees can count on this. Our company is certified by the TÜV as a personnel service provider, with a Management System that meets required standards. Our Certificate can be found here: safety certificate SCP:2011.

We strive to fulfil our duties correctly and in a timely manner. This is also confirmed by the documents of compliance – which are updated monthly – of the relevant Tax Office, the Upper Austria regional medical insurance company and a corresponding certificate from the PRO- GE union.


Achieve success in partnership.
It's what we strive to do.

Quality, reliability and appreciation are the cornerstones of our philosophy

Fast, economical, reliable and without compromises when it comes to quality; that’s how we approach every project at Interjobs! For us, the traditional values of a family-owned company are at the heart of good business relations. With integrity, trustworthiness and efficiency we work together with our customers to achieve success.

We value the wide-ranging expertise and experiences that our employees have gained around the globe. The pleasant working environment and personal care we offer on site are an expression of our appreciation for them.