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Electrical installation for continuous casting plant Jiangsu – China

Outstanding work on the electrical installation for the continuous casting plant in Jiangsu

At the end of 2023, our electrical supervisor Irhad Huskic successfully completed the electrical installation of a continuous casting plant in Taizhou City in Jiangsu Province, one of the most economically developed regions in China. The installation was part of the new construction and final handover of the plant to the end customer.

The work on site included the installation and completion of control cabinets, cable route construction, cable laying, connection of components and ongoing correction of the electrical documentation as well as signal checks on the installed system. Our supervisor’s coordination and technical management of the Chinese assembly team provided contributed significantly to the success of the project. Our colleague’s international project experience and skill in dealing with local conditions helped us to keep to the schedule and European standards.

The extremely positive feedback from our client confirms the professional manner and skills of our employee. We would like to expressly thank Irhad for his work and his commitment. You did a very, very good job, thank you very much.

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