Newsletter 12/2018

35°C 98% humidity!

Africa: a new day dawns in a port town at the west coast. Like countless days prior to it, this one, too, will bring temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius in the shade and a humidity of 98% percent. The heat is so oppressive it almost seems tangible, and no clouds are in the sky to promise shade or rain.

Under these conditions, diligent work is done nevertheless at a construction site near the port. There are conveyor systems, car unloading, crushers and more to be assembled. Site manager Heinz Forstinger, who has been working here since February 2018, manages 400 workers, among them 15 Interjobs-supervisors. He works in a motivated and precise manner every day, but today he is particularly buoyant. He knows that the managing directors Bruno Steiner and Christian Bruggraber as well as account manager Franz Führer will visit later, in the evening, after their drive from the airport to the site, which takes several hours. He also knows that they will have a suitcase full of foodstuffs from home with them, as is custom at Interjobs. Heinz and his colleagues are particularly looking forward to this, for they miss Austrian food from time to time. When Bruno, Christian and Franz eventually arrive, the contents of their special extra suitcase are consequently enjoyed by everyone at a barbeque.

It is with pleasure that Site manager Forstinger explains the construction site and its difficult conditions to the team from the main office over the course of the following days. He is glad to know that staff support is a major priority for his firm, even at the most remote construction sites. He enjoys the visit from Austria and the good food that reminds him of home, whereas Christian, Franz and Bruno are impressed by the site’s dimension and the work that is conducted here under such difficult conditions. They will stay from the 28.10. until the 02.11., a short amount of time, during which they will nonetheless gain a great number of impressions – including some of the cultural kind.

Even after all has returned to normal, in both countries the visit will be remembered with a smile for quite another while.

interjobs afrika
Our site manager Heinz Forstinger explains the challenging conditions to the management on visiting the site.

At Interjobs, ensuring all your needs is very important to us also in distant lands.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

from all the team here at Interjobs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable cooperation this year and look forward to a productive 2019.

Frohe Weihnachten

Newsletter 08/2018

Satisfied Employees as a Success Factor

“If the employees are well, the company is well.” We are convinced that this statement is more than just an empty phrase. But who can say for sure how their own employees think or how satisfied they are?

We wanted to know more and have recently started an employee satisfaction survey. This survey has come out with very positive results, which has reassured our confidence while at the same time providing us with an incentive for further improvement.

Interjobs Success Factor

High Participation as an Indication of Interest
The higher participation, the better the informative value of a survey. We would like to thank our employees for their interest (more than a 54% response rate). Without their feedback, no weaknesses could be revealed and no dissatisfactions resolved.

Dialogue is therefore the basis of all improvements – hence our appeal to all employees, “Talk to us, because only together can we improve and develop.”

Interjobs high Participation

What Do Employees Value about Interjobs?
To start with the most positive: a 76% of the employees questioned would recommend Interjobs as an employer to a friend or an acquaintance. Other points such as good and fair pay, the fact that performance pays off and the proper consideration of the employees’ wishes have also been pointed out as positive.

We don’t consider flexibility to be a one-way street, it has to benefit both employer and employee.

What Do Employees Value about Interjobs

We are also glad about the fact that our trade’s reputation, which is not always the best, often has little to do with reality. Our employees particularly value their secure employment and the exciting tasks they are faced with. We want to say “Thank you” for your high regard!

People, above all, are what determines a work environment. This starts with the personnel support staff and ends with the executive management. We are proud to be associated with values such as respectful treatment, trustworthiness and handshake quality.

Newsletter 10/2017

Interjobs – worldwide!

When the earth was trembling!


Mexico, 19 September 2017: Three of our employees are currently working on a plant when the steel construction of the hall starts moving in a dramatic rocking motion. The colleagues must literally run for their lives in order to get out of the danger zone as quickly as possible. However, they realise the full extent of the danger only when people are carried out of the opposite hall on stretchers.

Mexico-ArbeiterDespite of this devastating earthquake, which shook Mexico on that day and caused numerous deaths and injuries, and the impressions it made on our employees, it was possible to complete the project successfully.

The most important thing, however, is that our employees have now returned home safely.

Impressive Brazil

Brasilien-BesuchEven though our employees are constantly on the move around the world, it is important to us to provide them with the best possible support. Two of our employees on a construction site at the outskirts of the Brazilian rainforest were recently happy to welcome visitors from their home country.

Franz Führer had undertaken an exhausting 24-hour journey to convince himself of the progress on site.

He was particularly impressed by the extraordinary work provided by our assembly supervisors and the dimensions of the world’s largest mobile crushing plants, which are assembled for ore extraction in open-cast mining.

However, this trip had also been a personal enrichment for Franz Führer because he was able to experience an authentic Brazil far away from tourism. He was particularly pleased about spontaneous invitations of some locals to his home.

Newsletter 04/2017

Interjobs experts help in Mozambique

Experts from Interjobs are operating very successfully on projects in Africa. Here they are demonstrating not only skill but also social responsibility: Interjobs experts executives recently supported an orphanage in acquiring urgently needed equipment.

During the successful implementation of a project in Nacala, a harbour city on the Indian Ocean, Interjobs executives became aware of the local girls’ orphanage. Places like this are of huge importance in the south-east African country due to the high maternal mortality rate and the general social situation. They perform an extremely important service for the community in that they take in orphaned children.

In Nacala executives from the contracting authority and Interjobs worked together to raise money and contributions for the ‘Lar Feminino de Mueria’ orphanage. Interjobs also contributed financial resources.

The funds financed solar panels and new lighting, as well as malaria medication, food, first aid equipment, saucepans and hygiene products.

We are delighted that we could help to make the daily life of the girls a little easier!

Newsletter 11/2016

Interjobs on economy travel in Africa

Sebastian Kurz, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, and Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, undertook a business trip to South Africa and Kenya from the 24th to the 26th October. They were accompanied by 25 leading Austrian export entrepreneurs. These included Interjobs’ managing director Bruno Steiner, who successfully represented our company.


The high point of this trip was the Business Forum in Johannesburg.
This featured around 150 Austrian and South African representatives from business and politics.

The Foreign Trade Offices in South Africa and Kenya had established contacts with promising business partners for Interjobs and Bruno Steiner was able to hold discussions with several potential customers. He also used this unique opportunity to meet several long-established partners.

South Africa is Austria’s most important trading partner and investment location in Africa. Kenya has the largest economy in eastern Africa. The Austrian business sector is keen to foster African development through cooperation and professional training. In this way, people in Africa are offered prospects and the means of existence.

As well as discussing business, the participants in the trip were also offered wonderful hospitality including superb cuisine and entertainment.

tanz band
This meant that Bruno Steiner was able to return from this short yet eventful trip having enjoyed a host of new experiences and cultural impressions.